Book Trailer Reveal!

Lord Bart and the Leagues of SIP and ALE is just about ready to go. I’m hoping to have it ready in a variety of formats by mid-May. And — I am happy to offer free advance reader copies to anyone who believes they can a) put it at the […]

The Feds Have My Book

My four-years-in-the-making novel is finally ready to enter the gaping maw of eBook self-publishing, likely never to be heard from again.* Last week I completed one final round of minor edits and proclaimed the damn thing finished.  I’m not changing another word (barring undiscovered typos). Why did this take four […]

Out of Scout

My Kindle Scout campaign has wrapped up — and now I get to sit back and (anxiously) wait for an answer from Amazon editors.  But yea or nay, it was a great 30 days. The campaign culminated on Wednesday, 1/6/15, when the bloggers at Out of the Park Developments published […]

Now I Know How the Kardashians Feel

The Kindle Scout campaign for my novel has now entered its second week.  Week One was fairly successful because during most of that time my book was highlighted in the “Hot and Trending” category. I’ve never been hot and trending on the internet before.  In fact, I’ve never been hot and trending […]

Training the Dragon

This month brings my fourth NaNoWriMo (including camps) since 2012.  But this time its different. I’m starting a new novel for which I have done some vague outlining. (I am following Libby Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants! It has already been of help for the outlining process). What is new and […]

My First Drabble

One of the greatest challenges of reporting for KYW Newsradio was the 45 second time limit on our reports.  If my recorded piece came out to 55 seconds, I needed to go back to the script and find 10 seconds of copy to cut.  I despised the limit, because I […]

Maybe Mito Needs Its Own Challenge

As the national media was focused on all the ALS ice-bucket challenges, September was Mitochondrial Disease Awareness month, though few in the national press noticed.  So I’m going to do my own meager awareness thing by repeating a portion of my eulogy for Aaron pertaining to the disease.  Forgive my […]