Out of Scout

My Kindle Scout campaign has wrapped up — and now I get to sit back and (anxiously) wait for an answer from Amazon editors.  But yea or nay, it was a great 30 days.

The campaign culminated on Wednesday, 1/6/15, when the bloggers at Out of the Park Developments published an interview with me about the genesis of my novel.  I’m thrilled with the coverage:


(Yes, I should embed that link, but I like seeing the URL).

Meantime, here are the final stats for the campaign:

The rollercoaster of Hot and Trending

And the roller coaster of page views.

Decent, I believe.  I’m pleased, particularly given the holidays and the niche nature of my novel.  The spikes around Christmas and on Jan. 1-2 were due to my FB and fiverr marketing attempts.

Overall, it was a great experience; I met several other authors trying the same and learned quite a bit about self-marketing.

I told my wife this morning that my days in hot and trending are over.  She said, “Until the next book.”  She’s right.   ;D