Bite-Sized Stories: 

33 Free Flash Fiction Tales for Stolen Moments

Tired of the political bickering? Looking for some short but high-quality entertainment over coffee or a snack?
  • Grab "Bite-Sized Stories" and fill your stolen moments with 33 indie flash fiction tales. Just 5 minutes per engaging story. And did I mention its free?
  • Best yet - it features my short short story, "Slamming on the Brakes."
  • From a creepypasta horror farm to a bullish love tale and from the bloody metal deck of the starship to superhero octopus food trucks, you can transform your shortest stolen moments into utter delights with this diverse collection of 33 flash fiction stories by a host of emerging independent authors.
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And don't forget to try my sprawling
steampunk baseball novel
"Lord Bart and the Leagues of SIP and ALE."

An airship disaster disrupts the 30th anniversary celebration of the SIP and ALE baseball leagues, fueling tension between the once-warring Setherian and Helderan nations. As both sides prepare to lay down bats and balls in exchange for muskets and cannons, Andrew Naughton -- aided by his robotic dog Crandy -- rushes to unravel the conspiracy and preserve the cease-fire that brought three decades of peace to the continent. But then Naughton finds himself accused...